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The Benefits Of Elliptical Machines

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When choosing between the many different types of aerobic exercise equipment, it mostly comes down to preference. Each machine excels at a certain function.

The elliptical, however, has many benefits which is why it’s the rising star in the fitness world! While still relatively new to the market compared to similar types of equipment, the elliptical has exploded in popularity for good reason.

Elliptical Machine Benefits

Full Body Workout
One of the greatest benefits of elliptical machines and one that really sets it apart from treadmills is that it can provide a full body workout rather than just a lower body workout. The handle bar movement works the arms, shoulders, chest and back while the foot pedals work the hips on down. You can even move the pedals in reverse, which allows you to work a different set of muscles in the lower body.

Ellipticals have a smooth fluid motion and are manually powered, not motor driven like many treadmills, so this provides for a quiet workout. This can be advantageous for those who like to watch TV or read books while they work out or simply don’t want to disrupt others with the noise.

Another benefit of ellipticals are the fact that they are safer than motor driven exercise equipment. Since the machine is manually driven, you can stop at anytime. But, keep in mind that there are certain risks with using any type of exercise equipment so follow the machines recommended guidelines and have your equipment serviced regularly.

Typically, this is the most important factor when it comes to purchasing an elliptical. Luckily, ellipticals are relatively cheap compared to some other home exercise machines. You can get a high quality elliptical for well under $1,000, which is tough to do with a treadmill.

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