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Elliptical Workouts For Beginners

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Workouts with an elliptical machine give you a low impact exercise alternative to other cardio machines and stair steppers.

An elliptical machine, also known as a cross trainer, will give you a full body workout by allowing you to use both your arms and legs. During these workouts its possible to burn a substantial amount of calories helping you towards your weight loss goal.

For most adults two and a half hours of moderate physical activity is recommended over a period of one week. If you are aiming to lose weight you want to think about substantially increasing your exercise during your daily routine and elliptical workouts are ideal for this. A 2008 study suggested that five hours of exercise every week would be ideal for weight loss.

As mentioned previously these workouts can burn a significant number of calories, however the amount can vary depending on a number of things such as your age, weight and your fitness level. Should you increase the elevation, speed or the resistance level of the elliptical machine this would increase the number of calories you burn during your exercise.

It is possible to burn more calories during elliptical workouts by carrying out interval training as opposed to working at a set pace. This is performed by first starting with a gentle warm up an then proceed with intense bursts of activity followed by periods of moderate exercise. This interval training can be intensified over a period of time by carrying out longer intervals of intensity and increasing the resistance.

Pre-programmed routines are available on many elliptical trainers and these routines often incorporate interval training or possibly increase to a more difficult resistance level. You may be able to use a pre-programmed routine and adapt it to your elliptical workouts and your fitness level. If you have not carried out regular exercise for any length of time it would be wise to start from a lower setting. Deciding to choose a program on the machine will allow you to challenge yourself.

A few things to take into account when using the machine and one of them is to be wearing comfortable shoes. Also check out the pedals on the machine are they of the non slip type which have pads and ridges. As you don’t want your feet slipping which is both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Check that the machine has a stride length that will accommodate your own stride length as you don’t want to be hitting the console with your knees. Keep yourself stood upright without hunching forwards and avoid putting too much weight on your arms so you will not stress your back.

You shall find that elliptical machines provide workouts for all fitness levels and one of the major elliptical machine benefits is that there is no impact which makes the machine ideal for those with joint issues. Due to the machine requiring you to keep an upright position you will also find it back friendly. If you were to include regular vigorous elliptical workouts to your routine you shall be well on the way to meeting your weight loss goals.

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