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Treadmill Workouts For Weight Loss

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Treadmill workouts don’t have to be boring!

In fact, utilizing various treadmill workouts can be a great way to improve your cardio and lose weight, and may even have a few advantages over outdoor running!

By using a little imagination, you can create a precise and reliable treadmill workout for weight loss and to fight boredom!

Here are a few treadmill workouts to help you lose weight, improve your speed, strength and health!

Interval Treadmill Workout

Start out with a ten minute warm-up. Increase the speed to a running pace for 2 minutes, then slow down to a fast walk for 30 seconds. Repeat this sequence for a total of ten minutes. This is just one example of an interval workout. Feel free to change the running/walking durations. Intervals are a great way to get an intense workout in a short amount of time!

Progressive Treadmill Workout

Start out with a ten minute warm-up. Run at a normal pace for ten minutes, then cool down. Then the following week, run 1 minute longer at the same pace, then cool down. Add a minute every week so you progressively build your stamina and can run longer distances. Feel free to change the running time’s or substitute in the distance ran as your goals see fit. You should aim to progress all your treadmill workouts, no matter what they be, until you reach your goals!

Hill Treadmill Workout

Start out with a ten minute warm-up. Elevate the treadmill to 1 degree for 2 minutes and run at a comfortable pace. Next elevate the treadmill to 2 degrees and run for 2 minutes. Then lower it back to one and run for two minutes. Lastly, elevate the treadmill to 3 degrees and run for two minutes. Continue with this pattern and keep upping the degrees each time until you reach 7 degrees or the highest degree your treadmill will raise to.

Don’t forget the essentials:

  1. Warming up – Before running on a treadmill, or even outdoors for that matter, you should always warm-up. This consists of walking (1 to 2mph) for 2-3 minutes, then upping the pace to 3mph until you’ve warmed up for a total of ten minutes.
  2. Cooling down – Like warming up, you need to cool down after your workout. At the end of your workout, reduce your speed to 2 to 3mph for 3 minutes. Then slow down to 1 to 2mph for 2 more minutes.
  3. Stretching – When you’re done cooling down then it’s important to perform stretches. This will help alleviate any muscle soreness and cramps.

Depending on the type of treadmill you get, many have pre-set treadmill workouts built in, so take advantage of those. Plus, you can always create your own custom treadmill workouts to help reach your fitness and weight loss goals!

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