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Buying A Treadmill

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This simple guide was created to help you get the best treadmill for your budget and to bring to light a few issues and features of treadmills that you might not have thought of.


Typically, the deciding factor for most people purchasing a new treadmill is going to be price. But, keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Generally, your entry level treadmill will cost between $300 to $1,000, a mid-range treadmill between $1,000 and $2,000 and a high end or commercial grade treadmill will cost $2,000 and up.

Set a price range that you want to stick to and try to find the highest quality treadmill within that range. Also, keep an eye out for close outs and discounts to get the best treadmill for the price.

Remember, a treadmill is an investment in your health, so shop wisely.


Treadmills offer many different features so make sure you understand what each feature is and if it’s a feature you really want. There’s no sense in paying for extra bell’s and whistle’s that you won’t use. Keep in mind, however, that some features like a book rack or incline feature may not seem necessary before the purchase, but these can help fight boredom and keep you interested in working out for years to come.

Noise & Space

Because most treadmills have electric motors, there’s going to be some noise. The amount of noise, however, is going to vary per machine, so keep in mind where you’re going to put your treadmill. If you plan on placing it in front of a TV then you might want a quieter machine. Likewise, you will want to make sure the treadmill fits well in the intended space. You may want to purchase a fold up or compact treadmill if space is an issue.


To ensure that your workout is as safe as possible, choose a treadmill that has hand rails to grab onto and an automatic cut off switch in case you fall. In 2009, there were 1,500 reports of people going to the hospital from workout equipment related injuries,so make safety a top priority.


Do your homework before buying any piece of gym equipment. One of the easiest and most reliable ways to read verified reviews from actual users of the equipment is by reading reviews on Amazon.com. Keep in mind that if a user gives an item a bad review, that doesn’t necessarily mean that particular item isn’t for you. Read through bad reviews to see exactly why the reviewer didn’t like the item. It could be for a reason that isn’t a big deal to you.