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Treadmills provide a great aerobic workout, improve cardiovascular health and bone density plus give you more energy! But, how do you know which treadmill is right for you? Below is a list of the different types and brands of treadmills to help you make the smartest choice for your money – and your health!

Treadmill Types

home treadmill Home Treadmills

Typically the first choice for treadmill buyers buying for personal use. Home treadmills aren’t built for constant use like commercial models, but they can still be very durable and much more affordable.

commercial treadmill Commercial Treadmills

These treadmills are what you would find in most gyms. They are extremely durable and are mad for constant use. The cost isn’t practical if you just want a treadmill for home/personal use.

fold up treadmill Fold Up Treadmills

Perfect for those who don’t want a bulky treadmill taking up space or sitting out in the open all the time. Just fold it up and roll it into a closet or corner. This feature is becoming more common on home models.

low impact treadmill Low Impact Treadmills

One complaint some have with regular treadmills is that they are hard on the joints – hips, knees, ankles and so on. Low impact treadmills look to erase those complaints by softening the impact on users joints.

manual treadmill Manual Treadmills

No need to plug these in! Manual treadmills are motorless, quiet and you can walk at your own pace. These are typically a lot less expensive than their motor-powered counterparts.

space saving treadmill Space Saving Treadmills

A great option for those with limited space for their machine. These can be found with similar options as a larger treadmill, but typically have a smaller platform to move on, which can be an issue for some.

Treadmill Brands

Brand Rating
Endurance 4.5
LifeSpan Fitness 4.5
Sole 4.5
Bowflex 4
Merit 4
Proform 4
Schwinn 4
Weslo 4
Horizon Fitness 3.5
Paradigm 3.5
Phoenix 3.5
Stamina 3.5

Buying A Treadmill

You've decided to buy a treadmill – Excellent choice! Before you jump in feet first and handover your hard earned cash, you’ll want to read our tips on buying a treadmill before making this investment!